Release v3.1160820211415


  • Added Quality Inspection Module
    • Process Wise
    • Product Wise
  • Worker Performance Report can consider data from Quality Inspection
  • Production Analytics
  • Integrations
    • Magento E-Commerce
    • Logistics
    • Amazon Marketplace
  • Amended Certification Module to allow changing parameters as per actual certification


  • Amended CSS to enhance support for RTL languages
  • Column Selector is enabled for all grid
  • Grid Views are auto saved globally for each user
  • Redesigned SKU / Tagging Module for better user experience and enhanced productivity*


  • Performance
    • Introduced base classes to reutilize repetitive code.
    • Switched from Lookups (cached Data) to Service call (Realtime Data) for Transactional modules.
Release v3.1120520211134
  1. Added Certiifcation in Inventory Module (supports Hallmarking, labtesting, jewellery and diamond certification)
  2. Added TreeMaking in Manufactuing Module (with this manufacturing module become fully functional)
  3. Added Excel Import in Purchase, Opening Stock, Apporval Purchase
  4. Added facility to allow partial jobwork (out sourced manufactuing)
  5. Product API updated to support New and Featured Products ( this will be useful in our mobile catalog app as well as ecommerce Integration)
  6. Added option to set applicable Process in Location/Department (first steps for adding QC module)
  7. Added functionality to manufacture(inhouse and/or outsourced) product without BOM
  8. Optimized Tax, Rate and Labor Calculation Function
  9. Reduced App Size (added reusable Methods for Item, Tax, Rate etc) to improve transaction speed.
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